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Illusions Colors

Illusions offers more choices in both color and style of vinyl fence than any other brand. With a total of 35 colors, five authentic wood grains, and over 60 standard styles of fencing that can be mixed and matched, there truly is something for everyone with Illusion vinyl fencing. Whether you're looking for a classic white picket fence, have always longed for a royal blue fence, or think that a forest green fence would really make your yard, Illusions has something to offer.

Available Colors:


Wood Grain

  • Mahogany (W101)
  • Cherry (W102)
  • Walnut (W103)
  • Rosewood (W104)
  • Eastern White Cedar (W105)

Estate Series

  • Autumn Orange (E101)
  • Federal Blue (E102)
  • Colonial Yellow (E103)
  • Millenium Gray (E104)
  • Slate Gray (E105)
  • Evergreen (E106)
  • Sahara (E107)
  • Brick Red (E108)
  • Olive (E109)
  • Burgundy (E110)
  • Antique White (E111)
  • Brownstone (E112)
  • Prarie Dust 
  • Sky Blue (E114)
  • Sage (E115)
  • Midnight Blue (E116)
  • Hunter Green (E117)
  • Atlantic Blue (E118)
  • Bordeaux (E119)
  • Forest Green (E120)
  • Seafoam Green (E121)
  • Vintage Wine (E122)
  • Desert Sand (E123)
  • Dark Royal Blue (E124)


Landscape Series

  • Patio White (L101)
  • Tan (L102)
  • Seacoast Gray (L103)
  • Eastern Green (L104)
  • Black (L105)
  • Brown (L106)
  • Barn Red (L107)
  • Adobe (L108)\

Classic Series

  • White (C101)
  • Beige (C102)
  • Gray (C103)


35 Color Choices

5 Authentic Wood Grain Patterns



Create your own custom color combinations to create the look you want

Industry leading standard for color retention



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