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Allegheny General Information

Allegheny Simulated Stone Wall is available for both residential and commercial applications. There are two designs of the Stone Wall including Ecostone and Ecostone Plus.

Both Ecostone and Ecostone plus panels utilize identical posts and have the same twelve point SimTek Advantage. Both materials are made of polyethylene however the recycle content for Ecostone is higher than Ecostone Plus. Both panels look very similar from the outside of the fence.

Recycled Content 25% 15%
Impact Rating 24 ft. lbs @ -40 degrees 40 ft. lbs @ -40 degrees
Warranty 25-year Lifetime

Ecostone is generally recommended for residential applications and Ecostone Plus for commercial applications due to the higher impact rating of Ecostone Plus. However both have been used for either application.

As you can see, Ecostone and Ecostone Plus can be purchased for installation through your local professional fence contractor or for those DIY Homeowners, there are several instructional videos as well. Please check your local city, county and municipality guidelines for requirements.

For those DIY or for assistance working with a professional fence installer, utilize the fence calculator below to assist with what materials you may need. However remember every installation is different and a qualified fence installer is more familiar with local ordinances, codes and such to provide you a high quality installation of your new Allegheny Fence!


Colors: Brown, Beige, Gray, Dark Brown, Desert, Black


Combines the classic style of stone with the versatility and durability of vinyl



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