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Vertical Shadowbox

On our Vertical Shadow Box Semi-Privacy Fence, we offer multiple options.

The pickets in our Vertical Shadow Box fence are 7/8'' x 6'' plank seperated with 1'' of airspace.

All standard 
panels come with 2 U-channel used to allow for expansion and contraction of the product as well as to create an aethetically appealing finished installing. These 2 U-channel can also be used to make the fence more secure in wind applications if glued or screwed onto the posts (optional application so discuss with your contractor). *** Take caution as some contractors only use 1 or no U-channel which is not recommended by any reputable vinyl fence manufacturer. ***

The Posts are all available in a 0.130" wall thickness, 0.150" wall thickness, and a 0.270" wall thickness (required for Miami-Dade NOA) in our Vertical Shadowbox product line.

Our Vertical Shadowbox Semi-Privacy Fence is available in white, tan, and pebblestone. There are upcharges for various colors over white. Please confirm pricing with your local distributor or installer.

Heights can be manufactured up to 8' high.

We offer both a 6' wide and an 8' wide panel for your convenience. However, standard fabricated panels on 8' wide will come with aluminum in the bottom rail to prevent deflection of the bottom rail. For 6' wide, this is not a requirement unless the panel height is over 6' high.


We offer all types of gates with our Vertical Shadowbox Semi-Privacy Fence from walk gates, double drive gates, roll gates, etc. Some contractors make their own gates or purchased pre-assembled gates from us. To make best use of your warranty and to insure you are receiving the best in fabrication, demand a "factory made Poly Vinyl Creations gate." These gates come either riveted, welded, with internal or external frames, etc. depending on the size of the gate, the style and product used, and with your unique preferences! Welded or Riveted Standard gates come up to 6' wide. Gate with internal and external frames can be made up to 10' gate leafs (or 20' openings for double drive gates).

To insure you are receiving a Poly Vinyl Creations Vinyl Fence, please ask your dealer for a copy of your warranty card prior to installation of your material. Warranty cards are issued with each order and include a number and project information to insure you are getting a TRUE Poly Vinyl Creation!

Vertical Shadowbox

Semi-privacy styles have less than 1" of air space, a great benefit without separating yourself completely from your surroundings. Experience the best of both worlds, with the benefits of privacy and picket fences combined.

  • Heights Available: Up to 16' high
  • Colors Available: Tan, White, and Pebblestone
  • Widths Available: 72" OC
  • Styles: 1, 2, 3, 4
  • Rail Specifications: 3-1/2'' x 3-1/2''
  • Picket Specifications: 7/8" x 6" planks with a .50" overlap
  • Post Recommendations: Up to 4' high with 4" post; over 4' high - 5" post
  • Gate Types: Riveted, Welded, Internal Frame, External Frame, Pocket Gate
  • Gate Sizes: Riveted, welded, and pocket gates, up to 6'; riveted external frame, up to 18'; riveted and welded external frame, up to 28' wide (any gate over 20' requires a wheel).
  • Onā€Center Spacing: 6'


Styles 1, 2, 3, and 4 available.

Colors: White, Tan, Pebblestone


Provides the perfect amount of privacy without blocking too much.

We offer complete customization in order to meet your needs.




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