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High Security WireWorks Anti-Climb


Unique Security Fencing Solution

The WireWorks Anti-Climb fence is a unique perimeter security product that maintains a guarded display of visual screening balancing the need to delay and deter an attack. WireWorks Anti-Climb fencing combines a mesh that discourages cutting and climbing with framework that can support a total security platform.
The distinguishing feature of WireWorks Anti-Climb is the very tight construction of its anti-scale and anti-cutting welded wire mesh. It's very difficult to get hand/footholds on this fence and the cutting implements required to sever its welded heavy steel wire just can't fit into the minimal spaces of the mesh. The fence design of WireWorks Anti-Climb includes our Impasse rail, giving this fence system the ability to run wiring and cabling for intrusion detection systems and monitoring equipment.

Attractive Security Fence Option

When an attractive, architectural fencing option with good visibility is needed for your high security fence project, choose WireWorks Anti-Climb.