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Residential Aegis

Flexible Design

Aegis ornamental fencing can be customized to match rail spacing of any existing fence. The flexibility of the ForeRunner rail provides the Aegis Plus security fence the ability to place the rail at any location on the fence panel and the fence may be manufactured to any specified height or custom color for commercial projects. Aegis Plus ornamental steel fences are the perfect choice for a light commercial ornamental fence application that requires non-standard heights, rail spacing, and/or colors.

Unique Strength & Appearance

Aegis fences have several attributes that make this fence product a leader among light commercial perimeter project types. The strength of the Aegis Plus ForeRunner double-wall rail is stronger than oridinary square ornamental profiles. The internal picket to rail retainer is concealed and that gives Aegis Plus a unique and sought-after decorative appearance. Aegis ornamental fences feature our PermaCoat maintenance-free finish and a 10 year warranty against corrosion but still have the attractive and elegant look of old-fashioned wrought-iron fence with none of wrought-iron’s demanding maintenance requirements. The PermaCoat finish is a proven process used with Aegis ornamental products, and has been installed on thousands of projects around the world.