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Quik-Rok is a chemically engineered hydraulic cement; which when mixed with water forms a pourable mix whose self-leveling characteristics make it an ideal grouting material. Controlled expansion enables Quik-Rok to develop “lock-in” adhesion which can withstand loads in excess of 10,000 psi. It is formulated to set within 15 minutes under normal conditions.

Fast Setting Anchoring Cement Grout

As A Grout
  • Anchoring galvanized fence post
  • Grouting parking meters and sign posts
  • Precision grouting and leveling of heavy machinery indoors
  • Grouting of anchor bolts, dowels, etc. indoors only
As An Additive
  • Increasing set-time and compressive strength of Portland Cement
  • Setting of fence posts
  • Advantages
  • Pre-mixed
  • Fast Set
  • Pourable
  • Self-Leveling
  • Exceptional one hour compressive strength
  • Non-shrinking
  • Non-metallic
  • Inorganic