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Sunburst is a one-of-a-kind accent that can be custom made to run the entire length of your private or semi-private fence. Sunburst comes in either six- or eight-foot width panels. This style makes custom fabrications more difficult; therefore, five-foot gates are not available. Sunburst is available in 36" and 96" and comes in white, tan, or stone. Its width is 73" on-center. Sunburst utilizes 5" x 5" posts and has three post wall thickness options to choose from: .130", .150", and .270" (required for Miami-Dade NOA). The standard gate size for Sunburst is 72" for a walk gate. Double-drive gates are also available in six- to twleve-feet. 

Sunburst is a unique accent that truly accentuates any fence and creates a good-looking yard or property. Sunburst is perfect for any home: it adds that perfect touch of decoration and class.

Fabricated Sunburst
Fabricated Sunbrust has an exact number of spokes per section (most often nine), and uses a 1" by 1" picket to achieve this look. Fabricated Sunburst is more customizable than molded Sunburst. 


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