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Ornamental Drop Rods


Stylish, affordable drop-bolt Padlockable security

  • Drop bolt for metal, wood, or vinyl gates
  • High wear and corrosion resistant
  • Economical, stylish and high-tech
  • 2 bolt lengths, 24"(610mm) or 40" (1106mm)
The Q-Bolt is a stylish and affordable drop bolt solution, providing higher quality options that current mild steel or stainless steel drop bolts. Q-Bolt is key-lockable and available in two lengths: 24” and 40” (610mm-1016mm).
The Q-Bolt is made from high-grade stainless steel that has gone through an electro-polishing process to add to its rust-resistance. It is then powdercoated black to further protect it from corrosion.
Because locking security is only required in certain situations or applications, an optional “padlockable” feature has been built into the Q-Bolt.
For convenience, the Q-Bolt also offers a lock storage facility for when the padlock is not being used. A bolt retention feature prevents the rod from dropping and dragging across the driveways and also keeps the rod from being pulled out of the brackets when mounted to a gate.
There are models with mounting brackets for metal gates, and models with wider brackets for wood & vinyl gates. All models include alignment legs for ease of installation and added fixing strength.

Lockable, security drop bolt
  • Drop bolt for wood, metal, or vinyl gates
  • 2 bolt lengths, 18" or 24" (457mm or 610mm)
  • 6-pin, re-keyable lock
  • Strong & 100% rust proof
The LokkBolt is a lockable security bolt that provides long-lasting privacy and security in a superbly stylish drop bolt for all types of gates, especially double-drive gates. LokkBolt is key-lockable and available in two lengths: 18” and 24” (457mm or 610mm).

Quick and simple to install on all gate and fence materials, there are special models available for metal, wood and vinyl gates.

Wood and vinyl gate models feature special fixing points for added strength.

An optional Base Plate offers added strength to the securing ground hole.


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