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Certagrain Colors

One of the biggest advantages of choosing a wood grain vinyl fence over a wood fence is the low-maintenance longevity of vinyl. Unlike wood fences, vinyl will never need repainting, sanding, or staining, while still giving you the classic look and feel of wood. Vinyl also does not encourage the growth of mold, will not rot, and cannot be damaged by termites. CertaGrain® also offers their ColorLast Dark Color Fade Protection Warranty on many of their colors to ensure your fence looks amazing for years to come. 

We offer our CertaGrain® vinyl fences in the following colors: 

  • White
  • Almond
  • Natural Clay*
  • Weathered Blend*
  • Timber Blend
  • Canyon Blend
  • Frontier Blend*
  • Arbor Blend*
  • Arctic Blend*
  • Brazilian Blend*
  • Sierra Blend*
  • Honey Blend*

*Colors covered under the ColorLast Dark Color Fade Protection Warranty


Colors: 12 color choices available


Certagrain® offers the look and feel of real wood without the extra upkeep



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