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Stone Wall Product Testing

PC Approved LogoSimTek has worked diligently to get Miami-Dade Certification on its Simulated Stone wall application up to 6' high.

Florida product approvals are set by the State of Florida for all construction trades. These include products that go through rigorous independent testings and are submitted to the state for approval, commonly for hurricane-prone areas. 

Some areas require a local engineer to sign and seal drawings related to the install which is a cost of doing business and varies in requirements by county. This is generally involved in your permitting fees charged by the contractor or you may have to pay if you are doing the project yourself. However, if a product has Miami-Dade NOA, then it often bypasses the individual project engineering requirements.

Click Here for a copy of the SimTek Miami-Dade NOA (Notice of Acceptance) for projects up to 6'high.