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Designer Accessories - Low Voltage Lighting

Lighting is one way customers can add a unique touch to their decks, fence or railing.

Simple and easy to install


  • No wires to cut - plug together wiring harness
  • Single power supply for all lights
  • No need for an electrician or electrical permits

Long Lasting

  • Weather resistant connectors and lights
  • Long-lasting LED's rated at 50,000 hours
  • Housings are durable and UV stable

Highly Energy Efficient

  • Low Voltage DC Power Supply
  • Dusk to Dawn light sensor
  • Available with remote dimmer switch


For easy install of the Low Voltage LED lighting simply use the Low Voltage Harness Wires and Transformers.
           12 Watt Low Voltage Power Supply w/ Photo Eye

      50 Watt Low Voltage Power Supply w/ Photo Eye, Timer and Remote

                Dimmer for 12 Watt Low Voltage Power Supply w/ Photo Eye

           Low Voltage LED Harness available in 2', 5' 7' and 9'

            Low Voltage LED Output Splitter available with 2 or 5 splits

Cap May Low Voltage Light Post Cap 
Cap May Downward Low Voltage Light Post Cap


Cap May Scallop Low Voltage Light Post Cap


Haven Low Voltage Light Post Cap

Haven Downward Low Voltage Light Post

Sizes available: 4", 5", 6"

Colors: White, Almond, Beige, Khaki



Fence Manufacturer

Fence Manufacturer