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Fence Den

High Security Impasse II Anti-Scale

Deter & Delay

The Impasse II Anti-Scale fence system meets today's demands for perimeter security projects. Its decreased anti-climb pale spacing helps deter the assailant from climbing, and also increases the delay time when trying to cut or pry through the fence. To increase delay time from a possible perimeter breach expanded metal fillers can be positioned between the pales and rails, allowing the facility more time to react.

Security Peripheral Incorporation

The Impasse II Anti-Scale fence system is a heavy steel palisade fence system designed to provide the end user with a level of security not typically achieved with traditional chain link and/or welded wire mesh fences. Impasse II Anti-Scale features a framework that can be used as a platform to incorporate multiple perimeter security peripherals. The security platform assists in combining all necessary security peripherals into a single perimeter security.