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SureClose Standard

SureClose EASY
  • Add-on hydraulic closer - smooth and quiet
  • Usable with most center-mounted hinge types
  • Ideal for new or existing gates
  • Self-closes gates up to 180 lb (80kg)
  • Easy to install: mounts onto top of gate
  • Horizontally adjustable - up to 4” (100mm) gate gaps
  • Same features as all 108SF closers
  • Opens to, and self-closes from, 90˚ (no hold-open)
  • Maintenance free - never add fluid
  • High corrosion resistance - thick 50 micron anodizing
SureClose EASY is our newest compact, heavy-duty, hydraulic closer designed for new or existing gates using center mounted pivot or barrel hinges. The EASY is not a hinge as with other SureClose models so it can be used in many retrofit applications without the need to replace the current hinges. Easy to install, it mounts to the top of gates that have a gate gap from 2” - 4” (50-100mm).

NOTE: When used on swimming pool gates, always consult local authorities for swimming pool codes.



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